世界瘋臺東「最好客」目的地 臺東奪全球第一

Taitung Voted “World’s Most Welcoming Region on Earth” on



The tourism industry in Taitung rests upon the three pillars of “True, Good, and Beauty.” Travelers from around the world love Taitung’s warmth and hospitality as well as its unique laidback atmosphere. Taitung has become the premier destination for Taiwanese looking to go on holiday. However, after gave Taitung the “Most Welcoming City of 2021,” we now stand out as a world-class travel destination as well. April Yao, the Magistrate of Taitung County, welcomes friends from all over the world and all over Taiwan to come here and experience the beauty of Taitung.


Since taking office, Taitung County Magistrate April Yao has actively promoted the idea of “Balancing Fast and Slow” to unlock Taitung’s deepest potential. “Fast” refers to enhancing and upgrading administrative efficiency while “Slow” refers to celebrating Taitung’s unique lifestyle. In terms of lifestyle, Taitung has promoted local “True, Good, and Beauty.” to create a unique image. Many things keep travelers coming back to Taitung time and time again. Taitung has an authentic environment free from pollution, friendly and welcoming people, tolerant and diverse ethnic groups as well as unique and stunning natural beauty. These factors all have helped make Taitung a model city for “Slow Economics.”

全球線上訂房品牌 辦理「Traveler Review Award 2021」依據百萬則的旅客評論,頒發獎項給好評占比最高的旅宿,其中臺東旅宿的好評占比全球居冠,是「Traveler Review Award 2021」全球旅宿獲獎數最高的城市,躍升「全球最好客目的地」第一名,足見臺東除了無可比擬的自然景觀外,親切熱情的慢活日常更受到全球旅人推崇,臺東品牌「真、善、美」,不僅是國人最愛,更讓全球旅人意猶未盡。, an international hotel booking platform, organized the “Traveler Review Award 2021,” based upon millions of user reviews. They gave awards to hotels with the highest proportion of positive reviews. Taitung had the highest percentage of hotels with positive reviews worldwide. It was also the city that received the highest number of Traveler Review Awards in 2021. Now, Taitung is officially “The Most Welcoming Place on Earth.” It’s clear that people have high praise for Taitung because of its stunning natural beauty as well as the laidback vibe of the warm and friendly people. Taitung’s “True, Good, and Beauty.” have not only captivated people in Taiwan, but have also left our friends from abroad wanting to come back for more.


The Transportation and Tourism Development Department stated that Taitung has been promoting sustainable tourism over the past several years. Sustainable tourism highlights Taitung’s organic laidback lifestyle, pristine natural beauty and slow travel. Taitung has taken elements from its 16 townships in terms of “Truth, Good and Beauty” to create a unique brand. Sustainable tourism has met the needs of travelers during this tense pandemic. Therefore, there were over 10 million trips taken to Taitung last year. The number of trips has grown by over 25% despite a global contraction in tourism. This reflects the current craze of Taiwanese people traveling to Taitung. Taitung has also been promoting the concepts of “Responsible Tourism,” “Environmental Sustainability” and “Healthy Homes.” We’ve also been promoting plastic reduction initiatives at the tourist night market and the certification program of environmental protection accommodation plan. These initiatives have encouraged businesses to work together with travelers to reduce the use of disposable products and protect Taitung’s environment. In addition, the Taitung County Government has organized and encouraged the participation in beach, ocean, river and city cleanups. These events preserve our natural beauty for visitors and help establish Taitung’s image as a pristine and responsible place.

臺東在2020年也創下許多個全球第一,例如全球唯一的熱氣球嘉年華、Iron Man和Challenge Taiwan是全球最多人參賽的國際鐵人三項賽事,以及全球最多人參加的跨年晚會等,而這些活動也都透過雲端直播傳送到世界各地,讓全球喜愛臺東的朋友都能同步參與。如今繼去年拿到「全球最好客城市」第七名之後,更一舉躍升「全球最好客目的地」第一名,反映了臺東不僅旅遊量能為全國第一,旅遊品質更獲得全球肯定。

In 2020, Taitung set a number of records, including the world’s only hot air balloon festival and Iron Man as well as the world’s most attended international triathlon, Challenge Taiwan, and the world’s most attended New Year’s Eve concert. These events were all broadcast live through the internet, giving our international friends that love Taitung a chance to join in on the fun. Taitung jumped to first place as “The World’s Most Welcoming Place” this year after getting seventh place in “The World’s Most Welcoming Cities” category last year. This reflects that Taitung not only has the largest quantity of tourism in Taiwan, but also the quality to garner worldwide praise.