Monocle《The FORECAST》2023全球最受歡迎與活躍的小城年度索引臺東上榜 歡迎您來體驗

Taitung Featured in The Forecast by Monocle’s Magazine Small Cities Index. Come and Check It Out

知名外媒雜誌Monocle《The FORECAST》日前公佈2023年小城年度索引調查報告,臺東入選成為全球最佳居住及旅遊的城市之一,讓以慢經濟為城市建設核心理念的臺東再度躍上國際舞台。饒慶鈴縣長歡迎國內外旅客前來臺東,體驗臺東好山好水之美以及獨一無二的慢生活。

Renowned international magazine The Forecast by Monocle has recently announced the 2023 annual index survey report of small cities. Taitung was selected as one of the most suitable cities for living and traveling to, bringing the international spotlight on the city that was built on the core concept of a slow economy. County Magistrate April Yao welcomes travelers from around Taiwan and abroad to Taitung to experience the good mountains and waters and the unique slow lifestyle.

臺東縣政府國際發展及計畫處表示,Monocle《The FORECAST》每年會根據生活品質(Quality of Life)作為全球最宜居25個城市的排名標準,2023年已是第四年就全球最受歡迎與活躍的小城市提出指標性調查報告,獲選的25個城市包括西班牙的Girona、法國的Toulon、美國的Bozeman等,每一個城市都具有優美的自然風景,便利的生活機能以及多元的社區與文化活動等。《The FORECAST》在文中介紹臺東坐擁壯闊的山景及美麗的海岸,因縣內交通便利快捷,臺東的居民可以沉浸於天然美景、享受多樣化的人文活動及多采多姿的原民藝術。

The International Development and Planning Department of Taitung County Government explains that The Forcast ranks and announces the top 25 cities most suitable to live in based on the quality of life. 2023 marks the 4th year the most popular small-town category has been included in this report. The 25 cities that were selected in the global top 25 include Girona, Spain; Toulon, France; Bozeman, USA, and many more. These small towns all boast beautiful natural views, convenience, an array of neighborhood and cultural events, and more. As part of Taitung’s introduction in The Forecast, the magnificent mountains and stunning shores are mentioned along with the convenient transportation that allows Taitung residents to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural views while also taking advantage of the many cultural events and aboriginal art.

《The FORECAST》特別指出臺東是蘭嶼與綠島跳島旅遊的出發點,一年四季皆適合潛水的綠島以及具有達悟族部落特色的蘭嶼,豐富了旅人關於大海的記憶。此外臺東以觀光及農業為主要經濟活動,廣袤的稻田與茶田為這片土地覆蓋一層綠意盎然的外衣,加上舒適宜人的氣候、觸目可及的優美風景與網路數位化的普及便利,讓臺東的居民感覺就像天天出國度假,也吸引著嚮往慢生活的都市人。

The Forecast points out that Taitung is the point of transport for traveling to Orchid Island and Green Island. Green Island is known for year-round diving while Orchid Island boasts unique Tao Tribe qualities which are heavily influenced by the great blue ocean. In addition, a large portion of Taitung’s economy comes from tourism and agriculture. The vast rice paddy and tea fields cover the land in layers of green. Pair that with a comfortable climate, stunning views, and the convenience of our digitized world, and Taitung’s residents live the dream life, as though they are on vacation every day. This is also the reason why many city dwellers who long to live a slow life are drawn to this lovely land.


As we welcome the post-COVID era, a wave of tourists and travelers will soon come. Taitung is ready and prepared to welcome visitors from around the world. Whether you are planning a slow vacation or thinking of moving or long-stay, Taitung’s unique charisma is worth looking into. Experience a personal and unique small-town life.